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Sunday, April 18, 2010

My Weekend

Had fun talking to random people at CSU's Elevate- Jesus time on Thursdays.

Someone stepped on me while I was dancing. I was more worried about my pedicure being messed up than my foot being hurt.

Had some Gentleman's Club passes stuck on my window- NO THANKS!

Stayed up too late again.

Had a black cherry popsicle for breakfast.

Watched the Blue Angels downtown Friday afternoon.

Drove a young friend to Bible Study.

Played with my super cute nephew.

Rocked out to NeedToBreathe's "The Outsiders" album. Loved the sunshine and wind whipping through my car windows. Oh yeah, one song is "Through Smoke" not "Through Snow." I made myself laugh.

Was forced to jump out of the passenger's seat to grab a bag from underneath my friend's car. I still say the median is for turning- not situations like that.

Saw a guy staring straight forward with this super serious look on his face and no movement whatsoever at the gas station. It was odd to be facing towards him.

Went to the NeedToBreathe concert with Kelsi. Very much enjoyed "Washed by the Water." Especially since they left their spots on the stage and came closer to us.

Spat my gum from the top of the stairs in the Music Farm and made it in the trash can on the first floor. And it wasn't even right under me- it was to the left! So proud.

Called a friend's name and had the strangers walking in front of us end up knowing the same friend.

Drove back and had someone stick his head out the window and yell at us. "Does he really think I'm going to pull over and talk to him?"

Got hummus and watermelon at Walmart at 12:30am.

Church! Oh no, Kelsi saw the same message last week.

Had delicious Pita Pit.