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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Beth Moore

Women of Faith Preconference "A Day with Beth Moore" Atlanta, GA 8/10/07

Living Proof Live Jacksonville, FL 3/29/08

Siestas in Jacksonville

I used to think blogs were weird. Only, they were something I didn't quite understand. One day, I typed Beth Moore into Google images. Bc she's gorgeous. I wanted to see her pictures! Well, I came across this cute picture of her in this pretty dress at a Starbucks:
I followed the link and started reading. I automatically loved it.

In January of 2007, I went to my first Bible study at First Baptist of Columbia. They told me we were doing Beth Moore's Breaking Free. That was fine by me. I didn't know who she was. A month or so later they said she was coming to Columbia. Unfortunately, it was the same night as Relay for Life. I would've loved to have been able to do both, but I was a captain so I couldn't leave. As the weeks went on, I fell in the love with the Bible study and Beth Moore of course. The study was so good! I joke that I don't want anyone to read my studies because it'd be like reading my diary! So personal. After the night she came to Columbia, I was really sad I didn't get to go. And now it's one of my biggest regrets! She was literally 2 streets over and I couldn't be there!!! Ah... so I convinced my mom to take me to Atlanta to the Women of Faith preconference. We would've gone to Boone, NC but it was sold out. The preconference was a blast. We ended up being able to sit on the front row. I specifically remember Beth Moore shaking someone 5 seats down from me. I wanted to be that person! You may ask, why do I think so much of her? Well, first of all she is very entertaining, funny, and so much fun! But the best thing about her is her witness! She has this infectious love for God. I want the passion she has!!

I found the Living Proof Ministries blog in Novemeber of 2007 and have been reading it ever since. I highly recommend it. The ladies, Siestas, who read the blog are some great people. They make you laugh and lift you up. We all love our Mama Beth!

In March of 2008, Mom and I attended our first Living Proof Live conference in Jacksonville, FL. It was so much fun. I felt like Mama Beth was more comfortable being her fun self. There was even some jumping up and down. That Saturday morning I met my first LPM blog peeps in the flesh! Little Steps of Faith, Georgia Jan, and Grand Canyon Mom and I all took a picture. Unfortunately, I didn't take any good notes from that weekend but Angie aka Little Steps of Faith did.
The weekend was amazing! I cannot express how much I loved the conference. I didn't even care that we got stuck in traffic that made our 3 hour drive turn into 6 because I was on cloud nine! Really an amazing time.