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Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Beth Moore's simulcast from Wisconsin was awesome! I went by myself to a church about 20 minutes away from my house. I would have much rather been there in person of course... made me really want to go to Memphis. I don't know if I'll be able to make it, though. I can't wait until I really do get to go to a Living Proof Live in person!!

From Wednesday to Saturday I spent time with my sorority sisters! It was so much fun. I stayed with another Sigma Alpha Omega Alumni Wednesday night aka Cowgirl night at recruitment. Thursday was pajama game night with my girls. I managed to play Catch Phrase the whole time. I very much enjoyed the night. I ended up staying at Amanda and Maggie's apartment who also live with two of the new ChiCs (or sorority candidates). They watch Golden Girls! How much fun is that? I love the Golden Girls. And they have this super cute Gamecock football field rug that Maggie brought to the apartment. Maggie the Clemson fan... haha. They had to go to class the next day (bummer- I don't have to do that anymore) so I was like... hmm... what shall I do. Fortunately, my former :( roommate was in town. Hooray! I met her at Starbucks for about 30 minutes. So wonderful to see my Sammy. Then I shopped in 5 points until I met Audrey for lunch. We went to Yesterdays and a few other places. The drive thru guy at McDonalds was cool. She even played the original "What Ya Say" song for me- way cool! I like the original too. :) We just had a bunch of random fun! Audrey is so sweet- had a great time with her! She made dirt cake for the cocktail party (which didn't have cocktails but pretty dresses). Everyone devoured the dirt cake! The sisters and I ended up staying up until at least 4:00 that night. I started to ache- I go to sleep much earlier than they do. I stayed with Kristin, another one of my favorite people. On Saturday, I had lunch with Catherine at Flightdeck. Then we went to Target- I have never stayed so long in the book aisle there in my life. Also, I loved that she spent much time with me in the toy aisles (we kept smiling at this cute little girl) and Halloween aisles. She stuck her hand in a cauldron and the skeleton hand reached for her. She jumped! Then we saw I Can Do Bad All By Myself. I cried. I don't usually cry at movies, but at the same time I cried I heard other people crying too. So sad. Madea was funny as usual though. After my lovely Catherine and I went to McDonalds, I went home. I was sad to leave- my time with my sisters was wonderful. :)

My nephew was born on 09/09/09! I'm an aunt!

I studied all last month and took the NCLEX on September 3rd. A couple days later, I paid to find out if I passed or not. My heart was pounding so hard as I was typing in my numbers. I was so excited when I found out I passed the test!